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Graduation Session Information

About Your Graduation Session

Senior year in high school is a landmark year!  For many, it's the end of an era and the beginning of a life of independence and being a true blue grownup. If you have a deadline at school for turning in a senior photo, you'll want to plan your session at least a month prior to the deadline to ensure plenty of time for editing and then choosing your favorite photo!  Feel free to bring a few outfit changes and to voice your ideas.  This will be a very collaborative photoshoot that will, in the end, tell the story of YOU!


Preparing For Your Graduation Session

  • Think about how you would like to be remembered.  Are you a jock?  A musician?  An academic?  A cheerleader?  Bring along a few outfits and maybe some props that help describe who you are as a high school senior.

  • Since your senior portrait is the ultimate expression of who you are as a person, try to think of a few locations and/or poses that you'd like to incorporate into your photos.  Maybe do a quick search on the internet for some ideas.  Don't let this stress you out though, if you can't think of anything, I have lots of ideas that we can discuss! 

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