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Newborn Session Information

About Your Newborn Session

If you love the curled up, cuddly, look of new babies, it is best to plan your session within the first ten days of your new baby's life.  Of course, your session can take place after the first ten days,  your baby will just be a little less curled up and a little more alert!  All newborn sessions take place either in the comfort and convenience of your own home or outside.  Built into each session is time for breaks for feeding and changing.  If you prefer, I will set up a portable newborn studio and photos will include a combination of studio and lifestyle images, or we can stick with a strictly lifestyle session. 


Preparing For Your Newborn Session

  • As close to the session as possible, newborns should be fed.  A full-bellied baby is usually a happy (and very sleepy) baby!

  • Make sure the temperature of the house is toasty warm.  

  • Newborns look beautiful in their birthday suits.  You may want to consider some accessories, such as headbands, knit hats, or little baby tutus.

  • Oftentimes, a sentimental object can add a special uniqueness to your photos. A handmade blanket, a bear, a rattle, a piece of sports memorabilia, etc. If you have one, or some in mind, don't be afraid to bring them out during our session!

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